Now that 2014 is over it is time for the compulsory naval gazing to commence and I am happy with what I have set out to acheive this year. Starting out the year I had a lot of small projects that I didn’t know if I would have time to complete but thankfully everything has worked out.

Firstly, I am happy to have returned to its original purpose of being my personal blog on all of the projects that I am working on. While I was working through some of my new projects the site became a bit of a dumping ground for commentary, photography/art as well as writing.

While it still features my poetry it has now been working well as a place to write about my other big online projects:

AVAVA Online Art Gallery Australia

Mekong River

Mekong River

This was a really big project that I thought would take less time than it did. Essentially, I wanted to start producing high quality prints of existing art and create new decorative art prints for an online market. While this is still in the growth stage I hope to take more of my canvas prints to physical markets while continuing to promote my art and photography work online.

 The #iwearwhite Project


This writing project was something that I have wanted to do for sometime. After purchasing a new domain I was using Twitter and random online content ranging from video music clips to images and quotes to work through fictional story ideas. The final result has been #iwearwhite Reprogrammed – a series of short science fiction stories that is currently awaiting the third part of the series to be published.

Overall, 2014 has been a great time for me to sow some creative seeds as well as share some of the work of others through the revamped Refuge Island website. I hope it has been great for you and I am looking forward to 2015 with more projects and hopefully becoming more self supported with my creative efforts. God bless and have a safe and happy new year!