If you have been keeping up with my new AVAVA Art Gallery you would know I have been running it from the “art-auctions.com.au” URL. However, it has now FINALLY moved to its permanent home online AVAVA.ME (which is much cooler!). I have actually just recieved a shipment of my latest canvas art prints, two of which are at least temporarily hanging in my home (they are quite large!)

I haven’t taken photos of the latest ones yet, but there are 15 of these wall art pieces here and they look great. These will act as display art for when I go selling at markets, galleries etc and for when I finally get my physical gallery space!

Just a big thank you as always to new and long time readers of kjwriteleft.com (it’s been years and years!) and despite concentrating a lot on my art rest assured I am still writing and will be adding some things to the site soon.

The next set of writing is actually available on another site of mine already. However, I will be clearing that site to make way for a local Central Coast (where I live) project in the next 3-6 months. You can visit http://central-coast.com.au while this art and writing project is still online there.