I have really been desperate to revive so many of my old poems and pieces of writing – particularly as I embark on writing more ficion (like the science fiction series #iwearwhite). Strangely enough I have started a new small business working on social media for other businesses (called Social Step) – and so I thought I should put some more work into my “old words”.

You can click the images to see the original poems 🙂

This first one is from “Circular” – a favourite poem of mine simply about existing:


This next image and poetry is from “The Crossing” part of the “Then I Passed” series of black and white images and poems.

The next is from “Alpha Omega” in the same series:1

Finally, a fragment of poetry from the “Scents Sand Censor Billy Tea” series of writing!


I am also doing some images for the #iwearwhite project of short stories.