I have been super busy with a number of website changes as well as trying to promote the first short story in the #iwearwhite series. (See a previous post) I have been so busy with my day to day work while juggling everything else but I am actually more up to date than I usually am.

For a while there I was really concentrating on my visual art and photography so it is great to finally work on writing again – especially since it is creative writing and even more so because it is science fiction. While I have written a lot of poetry and discussion pieces in the past my guilty pleasure has always been scifi.

Not only reading but also television and movies. There is something inspiring about the possibilities that science fiction explores and my new writing series will cover a lot of those bases.


I am stubborn at times but I am now not too proud to say again I NEED YOUR HELP! I will be trying to start a crowdfunding project for my new fiction series so I can finish at least the first ten stories or so and that should be the foundation for book number one! I don’t need anything from you yet… I would love it if you would read the first short story and just share it if you want to see more. I am doing everything here on my own so this is still a drafting process until I can find a good editor to work with.

I am really happy to let me readers have a look at this series “in the raw” so to speak and I hope to have the second story online soon! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!

Read “View from Afar” – the first short story in the #iwearwhite – Reprogrammed series.