Sorry for the cheesy headline but I am in full promotional mode for my new writing series – #iwearwhite Reprogrammed which is already up to its second story! So far a few characters have been introduced and drama has already ensued (of course!) and it hasn’t even gotten to the really exciting parts yet!

I have been working through this “draft” stage to make the start of my new novel really accessible to everyone and the next few stories should be free for a while. The only reason I will change this for some of the later stories is because I want to run a kickstarter program to help fund writing the rest of the stories as well as a few collaborations.

Looking for a manga artist

Yes, I would LOVE to have a few chapter images drawn up by a cartoonist, manga artist or other artists. While I am using some of my abstract pieces at the moment I have been really inspired by certain anime and manga and think it would work well with my concept. So if you love science fiction and anime and have a talent for drawing I would love to hear from you on Twitter or through my website here.

Looking for an editor

As I said before I am working on these science fiction stories all on my own so the help of an editor would be priceless. In saying that… I don’t have a budget at the moment (sad face) but hope to have enough on the web shortly to run a kickstarter campaign.

On a final note PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the website ( as it really helps me to find new readers and just get the series kicking along. This also gives me a lot of motivation to keep writing the stories for all of you.

Thank you all in advance and you can read the first two science fiction stories here.