Here is the first few paragraphs in my new science fiction series “#iwearwhite Reprogrammed” – the short story series is essentially the first stages in my new book, so I hope you will enjoy it for free!

Looking through the porthole window reminded Palkan how much longer he would still have to wait before he could command his very own ship. Doubt wasn’t a problem for him the way it was for many of his classmates at the academy. They had all had to fight for their positions in the training courses but Palkan was Seertoon… meaning sanctified.

To his classmates it meant that they could never be friends in the traditional sense of the word, even though they shared experiences. For them Palkan’s world was alien to them much as their world was alien to Palkan. It was a simple matter of blood. Being the son of the Lord and Lady not only of this star system but of uncountable systems surrounding it came with certain privileges.