As you may know I have been hammering away at the new art gallery which has now moved to its permanent address at! This has been a really exciting project which has been loosely linked to the creative project I dubbed #iwearwhite some time ago. This project caused some confusion unfortunately even though (personally) I knew it for what it was – essentially brainstorming ideas for the new series of short stories and what will hopefully become a novel.

Confusing Fiction with Reality

I hate to say it but some people I knew have really got their wires crossed when it comes to fiction, reality and the entire writing process. Basically, I wanted to run this whole writing exercise openly on the web – like a behind the scenes kind of writing exercise. The initial process was looking quite simply at different situations, themes and even taboos and I am happy to say that some of them really pushed some buttons.

I won’t go into details about some of the problems the #iwearwhite project has caused me personally because honestly I don’t really mind. The ‘tapestry’ of the stories I will be working on are now coming together nicely and I am really looking forward to introducing some short stories first and then building up into the novel.

I wanted to take this approach as I have done a lot of poetry online and my art audience is also entirely based ONLINE. Therefore it made sense to think of a series that can be both quick to engage with, quick to read and also entertaining.

#iwearwhite: Reprogrammed

Yes, the website at has now been renamed and will be revamped in preperation for publishing what will be known as #iwearwhite: Reprogrammed. Obviously the short stories will be individually titled and work in with the overall themes, characters and settings of the novel. The idea of having it online is long running for me and the term “organic” always pops into my head.

With the ground work done in terms of seeing what was out there with inspiration, insane ideas and even possible character situations and personalities the rest should work itself into a form I am happy with in a natural way. I hated the idea of saying this chapter, then this happens, etc etc. Of course some conventions and rules for writing will be followed but as a writing experience I wanted it to be more a case of reporting on the ‘events” of this fictional story rather than create the events as I went along.

I will try now to keep up with writing about the writing process here on but be prepared for the site to link in more with this new writing series. Thank you to those of you who have seen the “#iwearwhite” project (and the Final Outbreak project) for what they ALWAYS were – extremely abstract writing, blogging and possibilities for future writing. A creativity engine if you will. As always God bless all of you and I hope to have some of the first fragments of the book (in the form of short stories) up as soon as possible.