Yes, I have been tinkering with the third part of the #iwearwhite Reprogrammed science fiction stories at the moment so I wanted to take some time to write openly about it. The first few stories are still establishing characters and I have received some good feedback, and some that requested “more detail”. There is a reason for this, especially from the first story. The first story (without giving too much away) focuses on a young heir to an intergalactic throne. Their piece of the story so far is fragmented, and yes, lacking in detail. The third story I hope will shed some light on this and many of the other occurrences for the series moving forward.

Humans have a blinkered view of existence

I like the idea that we do in indeed live in an infinite existence. However, how limited does that make our personal view of existence? It would be terribly hard to measure but it is definitely finite. Essentially, whatever we can see and experience first hand, read online, in books or hear from others. This network of human existence has sought to understand life itself through science, religion, literature and art starting from the beginning of time.

While I am definitely not attempting something so grand as to explain the infinite nature of existence through a science fiction series, I am introducing characters that deal with real life problems created by this ‘problem’. Do we cease to exist at some point? Do we carry on regardless of death? Is there some meaning behind it all?

There may never be any answers to these questions, but I don’t think that matters in terms of fiction. The #iwearwhite series, like most science fiction, may be fictional, but it also seeks to explore key elements of the real world such as power, secrecy and the mystery of life itself. I will keep you all updated on the new series as it continues to develop, and I hope you will read the first two stories.