Dried photograph to complement poem.Many years back I had stopped writing altogether and abandoned what has been a life long dream: simply to write. I had met too many people who said ‘I want to be a writer’ simply because they think of it as a cool lifestyle. Even worse were those that told you ‘oh, I am a writer’ meaning little more than they are literate and know how to write a few sentences. Far from being a literary snob, I only rarely call myself a writer even though these past few years it has become a key part of my profession.

Writing to Fund ‘Good’ Writing

What I have found from my work as a copywriter and online content producer is that it provides me with the income to start producing my own works. I have mentioned a few times (perhaps to some people’s disagreement) that I really don’t like the government funded arts model. It creates and supports lazy art, not writing and other works that have been hard fought for.

This is why I find it really, really important not to be an artistic wanker and refuse to do work that is not to your personal taste. We all have to pay bills and even the best known writers and artists throughout history have held down pretty meaningless day jobs. All of my paid writing is now exciting to do as it not only pays my bills but lets me cut lose when I actually get time to write creatively.

I Be Taking My Time

I know I say it a lot of times that I will be working on a new series of photography or poetry, but I am only rarely telling the truth. I AM actually working on one at the moment that should have been finished some time ago, the beauty of making no money from my art and creative writing is that there are no deadlines. But please stay tuned to my site and read some of my older works of poetry as I have written it for an audience, and that audience is you. Thanks for visiting my rambling post for this week, I will try and get more coherent next week, or, if you have a business that needs a copywriter, get in touch and I can be very coherent with your web content 🙂

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