I have been pottering around on a new series of art prints for AVAVA Gallery and because I wanted to work on a series like this. To be honest, I am working on two series at once as well as some that cross over between both. The last series of prints (40 or so) that are currently available on the gallery had a lot of flow, natural colours and were mostly abstract in nature.


The two new series follows two or three different threads in my thinking. One is based around symmetry and structure and the other is based around natural structure (hence a few landscape art photography edits). However, working with the previous series and these two ones has made me want to combine a few of these ideas into single images.


I have had a lot of fun and stress making these and they go a long way to boosting the available prints in AVAVA Gallery, as well as helping me towards selling face to face and eventually opening a physical AVAVA Gallery in the future. Thank you all for your support at the moment as well! I will try and post more often again!

You can check out my AVAVA Online Art Gallery here