When it comes to politics it is easy for me to get caught up in the hoopla, the rhetoric and most of all, the hyperbole. However, when I peel beneath the layers of what makes up all politics I can only find more onion and little of substance.

That isn’t to say that politics is pointless – I am sure it has its point. I am at the moment contemplating my next art and writing project so it means I am going over concepts, history, politics and of course theology that moves me, angers me or even bores me.

I was brought up around politics and have always leaned towards workers rights, and what would be considered (or as I believed it) to be the “left” side of politics. However, I’ve also always had my faith (weak and strong) alongside this. A Christian faith that has, for the most part, now been pushed over into the “right” (or conservative) side of politics.

This is where the conflict between being a wholehearted practising Christian (not to be confused with Church going) comes into play. If there is a foundation to the teachings of Christ it is love and if there is a body to the teachings of Christ it is forgiveness.

This is the perfect symmetry that means, for me at least, that these teachings are true. I could be angry. I could feed someone else with my anger. I could destroy my own beliefs with this anger. I could sink down to the swamp of politics and rhetorical garbage never to rise again.


A teaching that consists solely of love AND forgiveness means that anyone at any time can get back on their feet and not be dragged down by worldly things. This is the triumph of Christianity over politics. This is the triumph of truth. This is the triumph of love over conservatism.

You might think my thoughts and words are wrong, and that is ok with me. However, just try for a single day (really try) to simply forgive everything about the people you hate the most. The organisations you hate the most. The politicians you think will destroy the world. Take their sting. Disarm their rhetoric.


Your hatred is their power. If you are a Christian baying for blood or conflict then consider what you will do as you stand before the Throne of Heaven. Will you be the one that rightly bows before its majesty and power or the one that is denied and removed because of arrogance and ignorance?

Christ did not raise a single hand against the Roman empire, yet he still conquered it.

So come out of Babylon, come out of the political swamp and climb the mountain of theology and let wisdom – not rhetoric – be your guide in life.

Thank you for reading.