I have been busy with my latest writing project at the moment which happens to be a series of science fiction short stories. I am taking the time now to write a little bit about the process as I have tried to keep it unique in that I am primarily completing the whole book process online.

To be honest, I have tried to write novels before with varying degrees of success but the really hard part has been motivation. With the #iwearwhite Reprogrammed scifi series I tried a different approach, first using the book domain for notes, ideas, videos, and other completely random and sometimes crazy posts.

Essentially it was a brainstorming exercise that has really helped me lay the foundations for the series (that will eventually be long enough to be a novel). The other great part about writing online is that I get motivation from readers that find my work on social media.

I have had a great response from Reddit and I have always used Twitter for creative brainstorming and searching out new ideas. I know science fiction isn’t for everyone but I also believe you need to write what you enjoy. It’s not really the genre of scifi that makes it so interesting it is the scope of creative works within that genre.

With science fiction anything is possible but there is also that grounding in what the reality of the world and universe is. Thanks to modern physics, space exploration and other scientific achievements the realm of fantasy and science fiction are no longer that far apart. This is where I am taking my new writing series as it continues to be posted online, edited, refined and added to.

The first story takes place on another planet as well as another dimension and I am really looking forward to exploring the theme of time and space in the series. As you can see the scope of the novel is quite broad and I hope this is just the first in a series from me, and I really hope to have some loyal readers that can take the chance to read the novel as it takes shape.

You can read my science fiction series at iwearwhite.info

Thanks for taking the time to support independent writers and artists 🙂