Hey everyone, if you are reading this then you probably come here through my silly Twitter account anyway so I wanted to have a shout out for other artists and creative folk that want to be featured on Refuge Island. I have not had the time I have wanted to dedicate to this site recently but I am trying a new format that should make it easier to put together some posts and promote art tweeters.

The idea is relatively basic, in that I want to embed some of your awesome tweets with pictures of your art and hopefully share you on my site and Twitter feed. I have been playing around with Twitter for a while and it is my preferred creative format to the extent I get a bit “creative” in what I tweet on there too (so don’t always take me seriously!)

The Refuge Island project was something I was looking at for a while so that I could share some of the great stuff I see online. I have a few artists that I notice on my Twitter feed I want to feature already to try out this new format that I hope will let my followers find some awesome new artists to follow and some great tweets to RT.

I will let you all know how this is going when I can, but with the new #iwearwhite project up and running as well as Ineligible Bachelor now started I am juggling a bit 🙂 So to make things easier for me please get in touch via Twitter or you can always hit me up via the contact form on my biz website Double Foot Productions.