Title image for 'Then I Passed' photography and poetry seriesI have finally added my poetry and photography to the shiny new site that I built a little while ago. I started with my latest series from last year which went really well online and is still getting a lot of visits. While it is still available on the old site it looks more how I envisioned it when I wrote it.

I have been writing for some time about the visual aspects of poetry and the new site layout and design certainly lends itself to this. If some of the works seem familiar when you are looking through them it is because two of the poems (Alpha Omega and Dried) are used in the main site design.

I originally started kjwriteleft.com because I was unhappy with the amount of actually work I had as a writer and artist. It is great now to use all of my older works to develop this new site that people can still enjoy for free. I will be adding my favourite series Scents Sand Censor Billy Tea as soon as I can as well.

Working on the new site has certainly motivated me to get to work on a 2011 poetry series for everyone online. In particular I always want to thank twitter users that have played such a big role in making my poetry and photography do so well online. I hope this site is much more visually appealing to all of you and that you will continue to support the site in its new and improved format.

I have put plans on hold for an Art Auctions site mainly because of personal commitments but am very excited to get that moving ASAP. I hope it will be a gift of sorts to all the other online artists out there that are looking to display their work and even sell them on the Internet. So for now, please enjoy my current work on the site and feel free to share it around the net!