I am an Australian writer and artist creating in a wide range of mediums and with eclectic interests.

I have worked professionally as a writer for online content, and have been creating online art installations for about a decade.

While I am not well known, I have a very precise body of work including poetry and photography.

Currently, I am working on returning to writing after completing a larger conceptual digital art project.

Please feel free to explore the site and you can get in touch via the contact link on the top menu.

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Please be aware you are currently visiting an art and writing website. Some of the content is only suitable for 18 years +. I am a "stigmatic" artist working in the spirit. Some of my works and writing should be taken with a grain of salt. Use your personal discernment. Subscribe to my newsletter and online creative community. Please click here to read a disclaimer regarding Salvation and the Seven Seals (my latest works).

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