My own journey into extrasensory perception has been littered with mistakes and misunderstandings. However, it started with a very simple occurance that made me notice that I was not like everyone else. That isn’t to say I was better or special, but that I seemed to be sensitive to something the universe is/was trying to communicate with us as a species.

It was almost uneventful. I was at home and, for reasons unknown to me, I yelled out “Telephone!”, as if someone was calling. A matter of seconds later the phone rang. It was purely on instinct, and it seemed as if I had pre-empted what was coming next. It was my clearest experience of psychic abilities and it was completely pointless of course.

But what if extrasensory perception wasn’t pointless? What if it could help prepare for potential disasters, or (as is the case already) it is even used to help solve crimes?

My own foray into the wider world of ESP begins prior to the now very well-known Covid-19 pandemic. I conducted a sort of experiment on myself (and those around me) while trusting my own psychic abilities.

The results of these experiments were published online, so as to avoid any idea that I had put together certain materials after the events. It involved using creative writing and music video clips in order to provide a crystal ball of sorts into the future. It was an experiment that would have Australian Federal Police involved, as well as local New South Wales Police, and eventually, a forced visit to a psychiatric facility.

What I was grappling with at the time (and have been for twenty years) was a combination of ESP and Bipolar Affective Disorder. Because of my Christian background, I had mistaken my psychic ability for something religious, and my undiagnosed Bipolar fed on that delusion.

However, despite these problems in my life, I still provided helpful advice (and travel advice) well prior to the covid-19 pandemic. You see, I believe everyone has the ability to implement extrasensory perception into their lives. Christians call it “the Spirit”, and other religions would call it “God”.

I now find it helpful to ignore the religious elements in my work and concentrate on the overall ‘message’. I first had ‘visions’ and feelings of a coming catastrophe about 20 years ago. I also knew that I would be working on these creative “ESP” projects at that time. It’s hard to explain to someone that you have ‘felt’ the moments you are living in now, 20 years in the past.

I do not know where these feelings come from, and they are easily separated from the various symptoms of bipolar. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, I published a piece called “Lemon London and Iranian Seagulls” which was part of my “Orange Sequence” – a creative warning of the coming calamity of covid-19.

This was my open experiment with predicting the future and I got it spot on! This was very exciting despite the trouble trying to share this work with the rest of the world got me into.

I see now that many humans have the ability to divine the future. In religious terms these people are often called “prophets”, but because of the religiosity of my bipolar disorder, I try my best to forget about this type of religious nonsense. I am more interested in the facts.

The fact is, I published a travel warning directly addressed to Australians way back in 2018 – before the pandemic. Titled “Return to Oz” I am still very proud to have offered this free advice and warning to my fellow citizens and pretty much anyone else that was interested.

Screenshot from Salvation where I experimented with ESP.

I am now writing more about my thoughts and knowledge regarding ESP, psychic abilities, and how they affect our religious beliefs in my new series I Wear White. For me, ESP is most definitely real, and if it comes from anywhere it comes from a place religious people would call “God” or “Heaven”.

There is no way that a lone person could have given travel warnings to Australian citizens well prior to Covid-19 unless it had come from an outside source. Unless of course, I released covid-19 myself (which I didn’t obviously). I am just as much a sceptic as most people, and that is why I worked on my creative projects the way I did – I wanted answers, and I wanted evidence that could be put into an easily understandable format.

Unfortunately, as I said, I also suffer from Bipolar Disorder (which was undiagnosed at the time my experiment was taking place) who knows, maybe it is a symptom of psychic abilities or mental disorders that could make people more tuned in to ESP.

Due to these experiences, I now believe these abilities exist within all human beings, and I have set up experimental creative programs to help bring these skills out into the open. One of these (and the most recent) is “Faith Restored” which attempts to peel back the often religious nature of telling the future.

While I am proud to have at least attempted to warn sceptical people about covid-19, I do feel disappointed that authorities were not willing to listen, and so perhaps I succeeded in telling the future but failed in helping Australia and Australians better prepare for this global disaster.

One thing is for sure, I will never make the mistake of trying to help Australia and Australians through the use of psychic abilities again. I can say that where I source my ‘information’ from has given me the all-clear after successfully testing ESP abilities in the real world. As we all move into the future, imagine the possibilities of socially accepted psychic abilities in our daily lives!

Thanks for reading and if you believe you have psychic abilities, you might also be interested in where they come from. Thanks for allowing me to complete my experiments here in Australia.