Christ Coast

Photography and Writing By KJ Halliday 2014

(This series was originally an online project. It has been moved to this site to share with my other poetry works)

Branching Out

With each new step a choice to make,

Branching through. Forgetting Fate.

Water from the flowing stream

Washing over all our dreams.

Give Me Your Burdens

Lay your burdens at my feet and I’ll drop mine at yours

To walk hand in hand salt smell in our nostrils naked

Sand beneath our toes as we let the ocean clothe us

Back to a new beginning for the two of us

Reaching out in the veil of water to gently explore

A controlled flow of ecstasy floating

As I lift you up


Such a Pity

That’s just “Vanity” speaking to you. Though I knew her by older names I can still recognise that laugh. I wouldn’t let her hold you.

Insults are the refuge of the lost and broken. Of no use but still beautiful. To be discarded on the slag heap of life.

Blessed singularity to transmit knowledge known and unknown – a brighter light than your eyes can understand.

Down wayward lanes and back roads to travel away from the frustrated. You can be just another number in the angry crowd.

Wearing triangles and circles to make playful games with the cosmos. You remain a comet wandering in darkness. Eventually crashing.

The Silent Figure

No words are needed between us now

As we take separate paths that lead

To an embrace

No chase or discussion

Just forces that will drive us

Into the same orbit

You are the Spark

Your passion is unyielding

To be in your gaze

Leaves a light in the soul

A blazing fire in my heart

The Son Rises Over the Righteous

While the rain will fall on Saint and sinner.
The sweetest thing has always been the righteous wings that spread
from dawn as the newest children are born.
Waiting patiently for the day when the Son will bring the righteous their Saintly pay.

The Path of Peace is Littered with Broken Glass

The path of peace was simple.

A covenant to keep clean.

The greed and anger they all have means blood beside the sea.

Their mansions sit upon the shore worshipping the sun.

While the children of the LORD cut their feet and have no fun.

The Poor Pass Through Heaven’s Gate

The rich they cannot enter.

They cannot see the way.

The only things they care for are leading them astray.

The poor pass into heaven with no effort on their part.

They have already won the race from a standing start.

Love is the Foundation Stone

Have faith in love.

Show love through faith.

Come near to love with humility and a pure heart.

Anger crowds out love.

Put aside the shackles of hatred and clothe yourselves in the garment of mercy which is woven from love.

When your Shadow’s Feeling Blue

If your shadow’s feeling blue then just start on something new.

If your friends are casting shadows too then you should know just what to do.

To turn the frowning faces glad forget the rich (and the sad)

and make a stitch in time itself to shine a light inside yourself

to turn the frowning faces glad.

Sometimes the Sun Shines Through

Sometimes I think too much.

Instead of just enjoying life I can just keep myself in darkness until the right spirit of inspiration strikes.

The light always shines through eventually.

I pray that same holy spirit of inspiration pours over you too.

The Giving Way

It is easy to get distracted by where you might want to go in your life and forget to live your life where you are right now.

There is a danger inherent with any form of escapism and that danger is missing out on the moment.

Whenever you give what you can you will always receive much more in return.