As the rhetoric from both Australia and China continues to increase, the chances of further ‘shots fired’ in this so far cold war becomes increasingly likely. It seem’s Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison was happy to join with Donald Trump bashing China.

Why was he so eager to get on the bad side of Australia’s largest trading partner? Because Scott Morrison is a Christian. For him and many other Christians, they are in a very real war (in their minds and in real life) with nations who do not accept Jesus.

While China does allow Christian worship, it does tightly control all religions practiced within its borders and is (officially at least) an atheist nation. So is it right for an Australian Prime Minister to be waging a ‘holy war’ on the nation of China, presumably on behalf of his God (and Jesus too I guess)?

You see, Scott Morrison’s Pentacostalism can be very literal in their interpretations of the Bible – except with their “prosperity gospel” gibberish – and so China is (incorrectly) singled out as the enemy of God in the book of revelations.

While I am unsure of Scott Morrison’s personal beliefs, it is common for many Christians to draw a comparison between the “dragon” from the book of revelations and China. Because, you know, Chinese culture features dragons.

Honestly, this is the level of discussion in terms of prophecy that is currently held among many Christians. Morrison most likely sees himself as a “Christian knight” of some kind, riding a proverbial white horse out to meet the mightly dragon (China) in battle.

This begs the question, is there a place for an apocalyptic faith like Pentecostalism in the halls of power anywhere among advanced (or any) nations? Views that deal in absolutes like most religions do, especially Christianity (“those who are not with me are against me” Matthew 12:30) endanger all of us who do not share those beliefs.

They also go against basic tenants of Christianity (such as “love one another”). This is where we can begin to understand this kind of “antiChrist” theology among Pentecostals and Evangelical Christians whereby they seek to “speed up” the second coming of Christ (by doing non-Christ like things). They see it as their duty, as Scott Morrison sees it also.

So please ask yourself, is Scott Morrison urging Australia to war with China so that he can personally meet Jesus up in a cloud? Heaven help us if he is.