I first moved to “Roswell Avenue” (real name Ruswell) about 4 years ago now. However, now it is probably time to say goodbye. Being on Roswell Avenue was a mixed bag for me, with some problems due to working on some creative series on social media as well as my own health.

If I am being honest, then I must say that the LORD (or whatever you want to call it) showed me at this point in my life some 20 years ago. I know how that sounds, but it’s the truth. From Roswell/Ruswell Avenue I even attempted a “warning” (we’re in “Warners Bay” so an appropriately named place) prior to Covid-19 crashing into our collective realities.

I don’t know what I hoped to achieve, and it brought more trouble for myself, and my health, than it was worth. I doubt it made any difference whatsoever.

I would still do the same thing though. If the LORD (or whatever you want to call it) showed you the future (and it was bleak) would you warn people? To what end?

That is the mystery of “Roswell Avenue” and one that I think I will leave between myself, Ruswell Avenue and the LORD. The truth is declassified.

Sometimes alternate realities are better than the alternatives (even with Covid-19).