Now that I have finished the core pieces of my own prophetic works, I can reveal a little ‘easter egg’ I embedded in a bit of experimental fiction. I have, today, added a note to the piece, as it seems very confronting and that I am somehow angry with the artist Lorde. That’s far from the truth, and I really only wanted to emphasise the first couple of sentences – telling Lorde to keep her legs closed – thereby successfully predicting the cover art of her new album waaaaayyyyy back in 2019 – when the picture in question was only released this year, in 2021. (See screenshot below):

So what does that mean? Personally, I am not entirely sure, and am exploring some of these issues of ‘seeing the future’ in my brand new series “I Wear White“. Obviously, when I have been working on some of my creative and prophetic works online, I have been seen as a nuisance, as mentally ill, and even as a potential criminal.

Thankfully, completing these creative works has meant that “God” (or whatever you want to call it) has given me the opportunity to tell my side of the story. This will include uncomfortable parts of my life including forced hospitalisations, and seeing future events that, mentally, broke me.

I don’t expect you to believe in prophecy, or in God, or anything like that. I set out in my own works of faith some 20 years ago with the hope that my works themselves would bring some people to seek to examine their own relationship with the universe and with the Heavenly Father.

With this prophecy regarding Lorde’s crotch photo in place, I hope that I can show family and friends I am not such a serious person and the gifts of the spirit do not need to be anything to be feared. In fact, if I do not embrace those gifts I am certainly denying myself and denying the Heavenly Father that has blessed me so much in my life.

Just like nobody asked to see in between Lorde’s legs, I never asked for the gift of prophecy, and was, in a way hard to understand, asked to complete these works of faith I call my art and writing.

Praise the Lorde!