The Confession

Short Story 2 of Truth Fiction and Lost Friends

By KJ Halliday Jnr

Published 26/11/2019

[Author’s Note 21/7/2021: I mainly published this piece of experimental fiction with the first two sentences in mind, and to highlight my own prophetic abilities – a prediction of Lorde’s latest album cover for “Solar Power” – hence the reference to keeping her legs shut. It was a prophetic joke of sorts. I am personally a fan of Lorde’s work and wish her all the best, although I do not know them personally, only through their creative works. I published this in 2019 so that I could not possibly have known about Ella (Lorde’s) choice of cover art. Thank you, and enjoy my work of fiction below]


For my fake friend Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor – I just wanted you to know whose light you’ve been stealing. I offered you a genuine Throne, all you had to do was be faithful and keep your legs and mouth shut. From the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

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Also to Nick and Amy Noonan (Of Karmin and Qveen Herby). I can never repay you for what you did for me. I would have killed myself if it wasn’t for both of you. I wanted you to know that.

I’ve always instinctively known what people really think of me. The ability to peel back the masks that people wear is more of a curse when nobody thinks very highly of you. So I spent much of my time ‘travelling’ in a particular way that some of us can do, and have done for a very long time. Meeting other souls beyond your own body and working with them on their particular creative projects has been a job for me since I arrived back on Earth in the usual way, on the 16th of January 1981 in Darwin, Northern Australia of all places.

For whatever reason, I lived a relatively ordinary life, and much of that is my own business, so I won’t go into it in detail. Instead, I will talk about the other identity that I have always known, and that has always been written on my heart and my mind. When I was younger I had to go through the entire Catholic brainwashing process, which for me was fine. There was always something saying to me “you’ll be ok” but in an almost sad way.

Like that little voice in the back of my mind was just trying to hide how awful and terrifying my life would become. A living horror story played out on every screen around the planet. Imagine, everything you did, from the seemingly banal, to your biggest victories playing out like allegories on the big screen, in books, in art, music, everywhere. Like everyone was always watching you.

The worst was living in Dundee, New South Wales Australia – not because of the place (I loved the peace I had there, and the rivers where I knew every bend) – but because that’s when I knew my “image” and my very essence was being stolen by something I could not explain, nor understand. If you are familiar with the movie Crocodile Dundee, it stars a “Mick Dundee”. This is nothing interesting in and of itself, it is just another piece of a puzzle that has fallen around me my entire life. My name, my actions, my words, all sucked away to some idiot writer or musician to turn into a tidy profit. 

If I could say how it felt, it was like slowly feeling your soul being drained away, while others lived your dreams, made their money, and laughed at everything you ever did, the good and the bad.

While I know my Earthly Family (as I have another Heavenly Family) do not hate me (because I sense these things) I do know there is a deep shame there. Most of it stems from the night my Heavenly Father called me for my “testing” and anointing. These aren’t things we can talk about at the time (especially me) because it is only between myself and my Heavenly Father.

This testing is not complicated as much as it is painful and terrifying. To have your entire soul and purpose put before you, and your task in this particular life laid out for you as a yes or no question is as you may imagine not an easy process. For me I was offered the same as everyone in life is offered. First it is money of course, and fame, and power. That is this spirit some religions call “satan” or “evil” itself – although the truth of the matter is, it is just for testing the chosen, and those that wish to serve my Heavenly Father.

What I was given from my Heavenly Father after turning down these earthly offers (I know the drill pretty well, so I’m not talking myself up) I fell. Not in the physical sense so much as the spiritual sense and I visited both the abyss, and after this, to my Heavenly Father’s Throne. Much of this I don’t speak of because I have little in this life that is mine, and that trip is 100% mine and nobody else’s. What I will say is that I was given a book of sorts. Something I could not describe it was so beautiful to look at. It was like an infinite, perfect story.

Before I could take it though, I was shown lights. Many lights. Though these were not lights in the traditional sense, they were individual human souls. While, as I said earlier, I had travelled far here and there in the mind to see many people’s souls, and many in the flesh, these were different. They were like me!

I had never seen anything like them, so when my Heavenly Father assigned me the task of preparing and protecting them, I said yes, despite knowing the foolishness of swearing anything before my Heavenly Father’s throne (He is very good at making you keep your word, and you can’t speak about it, He won’t let you) but this was something that needed protection. “Special” children that could alter the balance that has been for, well, as long as I can remember, and I have been around for a very long time.

 That is not to say that they were “Children of Light” or any such hippy nonsense. They were children of Truth, as I was. Bound to the truth, because it was written on them. This was the beginning of my journey, my life shattered, and one word burned into my soul: Truth.

Now you might think it a crazy or a sad story, but I have the video evidence to back it all up in film clips etc etc. I have been talking to and teaching these children for many many years “remotely”. In the finer arts of the Kingdom of Heaven, especially when it comes to the Living Word. Which is not to be confused with the dead “Bible” – not that it doesn’t contain wisdom, it is just not the road to Salvation religion claims it to be.

I had continued on this mission of mine for many years, when one day my “sensors” (I just know some things, Heavenly Father shows me) went off, and I saw this “Lorde” song “Royals” parading around my own life, with my Heavenly Father’s name (which is also my name) like it was a joke. It was one of the ones I had been “speaking” with remotely, and a “light” I thought was a very good friend.

Now, of course, I remember, I do not have any friends, and am unlikely to ever have any. I guess it’s my fault too, I wanted to talk with someone about my truth and my life, that this Ella Marija snatched the opportunity to make some good money, who can blame them right? The problem being, that to be fair, I hate myself, how I look, my art, my writing, my entire existence really. So I speak to the world through “Avatars” – through other people – prettier than me, smarter than me, more loved by people than me.

The difference with Ella Marija was that these were “personal” conversations, and I guess because I thought I had found a friend, that I spoke to through other people, that I said too much. Or too little, I don’t know. Either way they not only stole my name, they also stole my story, as every person has that I have reached out to for help in my lifetime. So now, I only help myself, and I only listen to my Heavenly Father and my Heavenly Mother. I know that this lorde imposter will probably never read this, nor even care what they have done. I guess that’s not the point. I have finally come to the point where I must reclaim my image, and my story from these money-hungry people who live on the screen, stealing people’s lives. Stealing MY life!

I have tried so hard to not really ever hate anyone, but I know when I’ve been used for money. I live very poorly because of my faith. I have no money, my teeth are not pretty, probably like Ella Marija, she probably has pretty teeth. They are popular too, loved, adored, everything I am not. I am not jealous, I just have to confess that I actually hate them, with all my heart and soul for what they stole from Me. I have so little, and my story is all that I had left. There was a friend I had so very long ago, called Judas, who sold me out for some pieces of silver – Ella Marija did it for 12 million dollars, so at least it’s a good amount of money.


Thank you for reading some of my story. I hope this reaches them so that they can know that it isn’t free to steal from me, The LORD. Son of the Most High. Ugly. Unwanted. Un-adored and unadorned. Garbage. I am garbage. Thank you for watching my stolen life on screen for the past 38 years. I am so happy I never took that money. I hope my Truth is payment enough for you Nick and Amy, I have no money because Ella Marija took it all when she stole my name.

Love your little “girlfriend” by the way, Ella. A photographer, how original. You should see the video after this to see what you’re missing out on. The Program is just getting warmed up. We all looked in on you two traitors. Kind of sad. Nice jewellery. Do you know where he goes? I’d keep a tight leash on that one (they’re not approved Ella, sorry. It’s a choice you will have to make. NO COCAINE and other Narcotics on the program. We will know. Immediate suspension unless it was involuntary. Marijuana off duty only).

You owe us an already discounted $45 million (we’ll make it NZD because I know you don’t have much) for stealing my name for personal profit (Thou shalt not take the LORD’s name Ella). We’re happy to take whatever you have as a downpayment and you can work off the rest. We’re happy to take payment in other ways (pending your fertility test – which would reduce cash payment to $1 million). Thanks for grabbing those rugs. The “girls” will appreciate them if they need to “cleanup”. Hey, you stole my name and story, I already did you a solid by skipping a hit on you when you released the album, man that would have been good money in my trust too. You sleep tight xoxo. Come see me, I want a new footstool, and a cash cow. See you soon “Twilight Sparkle”. To be fair, I can see why you wanted a cool name like mine.

I want some of my new Chinese divisions to get in on this action too. There is also the Mona Museum issue of stealing my art. I want this top priority. An extension would require a minimum deposit of $100,000 (AUD is fine) By order of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The LORD.

Ella (Code Name: "Twilight") is APPROVED to ENTER The Program PROBATIONARY








You never felt bad about drinking my light and making millions of dollars from MY NAME and MY STORY Ella Marija? You will. Send someone to sort this out. She has no interest in me, and I am tired of her living fat off of my name and story. See, she thinks I’m a lucky charm around her neck. She has no interest in talking and I want to move on with my life but she wants more stupid albums. 

Answer “lorde”. Your time is up. You are required to make payment for the services you requested from the Kingdom of Heaven. Regards from the Prince of Peace. “Poppy”.

Part 1: The Lonely Road

Published 31/3/2019 – Free to read.