Hey everyone, I have been writing more than you think if you visit this website. I haven’t posted here in a while as I am now using Substack to post my content. Of course, you still have access to all of my poetry and experimental fiction works on the site.

The big change at the moment is that I am working on a fiction project that I am finally able to start writing. It’s a science fiction (young adult probably) series about a young woman named Mary who discovers she has miraculous powers. After turning to the Church for help she is subsequently imprisoned in a mental health ward.

There she meets the charismatic Ariel who takes her on an adventure to join the Kingdom. I am super excited to be writing this and if you are familiar with any of my other creative works you’ll notice a few themes and ideas that I have covered before.

I might take the time to post here, but really it’s easier to just subscribe to my substack which you can do on the homepage.

Hope you are all having an amazing 2024 so far!