Writing and creative work have always called to me, somewhere deep in my soul. Sometimes though, you look at your past and current works and start to re-evaluate your goals and original intentions when setting out on a creative journey.

This happened to me recently with the finally completed and (possibly) ill-conceived project collectively known as ‘The Seven Seals’. The series is completed in its online ‘draft’ form – and it will hopefully form the foundations of future short stories and maybe even a novel.

It wasn’t anything major, just a problem with videos showing on a key website (see “Re-open the Gates of the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven”) but it made me realise I wanted to move on from this project. It was only ever really meant to demonstrate something or other about ‘idolatry’ and to discuss faith in a more interesting way. Something about bowing down to the works of your own hands…

But I think this is perhaps a better way to think of any of our works while here in this current existence, for we are the works of the Heavenly Father. His instruments:

The LORD will vindicate me; your love, LORD, endures forever– do not abandon the works of your hands.

Psalm 138:8

While we may complicate our faith with the trappings of society, our jobs and our hobbies, the reality should be much simpler. We live according to the rules of our hearts, and we teach the mind to obey. However, bipolar disorder can tend to make this an even more difficult challenge.

I am beginning with this piece of writing to kind of ‘declutter’ my faith a little bit. That isn’t to say I am ending my past works with my digital art installations and writing pieces, but rather I am using them to step up into a more refined discussion about my personal faith.

Because my art has been so public, I feel there are people in my own life, and strangers as well, that feel they know what I personally believe. This isn’t the case at all. My creative writing and art is not always biographical, that would be silly. While some elements of truth permeate my latest (and strangest) series to date, the fact of the matter is, it demonstrated my faith to finish it. Simple as that.

I hope you can check out The Seven Seals.