Those of you familiar with some of my latest works may be aware that it is in part an experiment with extrasensory perception, or more specifically “prophecy”. The art of reading the future. I had long predicted a war in both my “Salvation” series and in “The Orange Sequence” – an experimental prophetic writing piece. The interesting part of that is that Russia is mentioned directly in one with the use of Russia’s national coat of arms in a post titled “Open the Floodgates of Heaven and Spark War” (published July 29, 2019 – you will have to scroll through the post a bit).

This is the image used to overlay a music video in the post – it is the national flag and the coat of arms of Russia.

The other mention of Ukraine is done in a more subtle way with Ukraine’s now-infamous blue and yellow national colours imposed on a post titled “Wars and Rumours of Wars” (published April 18, 2018 – again, this is part of a larger post, so a bit of scrolling before you reach it). This was complete with a sword motif.

This is a better screenshot of the section of the post I am referring to as “Ukrainian colours”. Of course, during these experimental creative prophetic series, I had no idea about a coming Russian Ukrainian war. These particular pieces were done “in the spirit” meaning I was adding and designing in a way the spirit was guiding me.

Now to the music video clips that have been used for both sections, as (in this prophetic works) they have meaning also. We have underneath the Ukrainian colours on “Wars and Rumours of Wars” the Iggy Azelia music video for “Saviour” which I think is pertinent for Ukraine.

Obviously, a lot of my music video-based creative/prophetic online trilogy has been confusing for many people (due to certain events having not happened when I created it). However, it did successfully warn about covid-19 in the months prior to the outbreak, as well as the current war with Russia and Ukraine.

So why use music videos to tell the future?

Well, in my personal opinion, many artists can also be quite attuned to certain things that other people do not sense. These senses and urges (gifts, if you will) provide some people with glimpses of past, present and future. Perhaps other people also experience these things, but lack the skills of an artist or a writer to portray them.

So the music video clips for me became a basic way to “package” the future and tell it to people as simply as possible. It also gave me a chance to test my own theories on ESP (extra sensory perception) and prove that yes, we do live among you. No, we don’t know why.

To be honest, knowing the future doesn’t generally change much. There are certain things that will just happen, what is most important is how we each act as individuals and shape the relationships we have around us.

During these times I honestly pray for each of you and I hope that the LORD will show you the way, as they showed me. I do not mean that in a religious sense but in a human sense. There is enough evil in the world without us trying to wish more of it.

So please explore my trilogy Salvation, The Seven Seals and Faith Restored. Yes, this work does contain prophecy as well as creativity!