For the past few years, I have been experimenting with prophecy – the art of reading the future – and wanted to do something special for the Australian election. So within one of my latest creative series, I had embedded a 100% accurate prediction of the election result.

Published on the 24/9/2021 (well before the May 2022 Australian election) I published a piece I titled “Omega” (which means ‘end’ in this instance). This was worked into my creative series as a direct ‘prophecy’ on the Australian election. As some of you know I do some of my creative work “in the Spirit” and so am given word of things before they come to pass.

A screenshot showing the publication date of my election prophecy.

Because I was working this into my existing creative and partly prophetic series based on music video clips, this post is in the same format. Below I have posted screenshots from the post (you can visit it here to explore yourself) showing my election prediction well before the election, mentioning the (now former) Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his political party, the Liberal Party. I chose a very specific song called “Crash your party” to illustrate the sound defeat that they would be facing at the election:

When I work on prophetic writing I can of course never be sure anything will come to pass. I have to take that on faith in the Heavenly Father, and the Spirit that provides the guidance.

I have also used my gift of reading the future for predicting other events such as:

Lorde’s risque album cover

The Russia – Ukraine war

The coming Covid-19 disaster

All of my work in the realm of prophecy is of course for entertainment purposes only. While I won’t go too much into it in this post, some events in the world simply happen, so knowing they will happen is in the end a pointless endeavour. I do my works of faith primarily to help others find confirmation in their own faith. Yes, there is much more to your existence than you realise.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a blessed day!