The End and the Beginning

When I create pieces of writing, visual art and digital art installations such as “Salvation” and “I Wear White” I do so without any set expiration date.

It may sound strange or even insane to say that I leave such things up to the Holy Spirit that has always shown me clarity, and more importantly wisdom.

It with this in mind that a few of my digital art installations that have been both a pleasure and a pain to create will now be transforming into a different format.

Back to my roots

For many years now I have worked quite hard learning more about visual arts and recently rediscovering video production – however, I have always had a deeper love for words.

When I try to engage with the modern internet (keep in mind I have been online for a couple of decades) I find it hard to connect with the majority of people who are concerned with short, sharp and unoriginal thoughts posted through social media channels.

Mob rule on social media


While nothing is totally original and everything has been done before, the human mind can be so much more than a witty Tweet or a meme liked on Facebook.

Over the past year, I have grown to loathe social media in its current form. It has no substance.

This is why I am no longer on Facebook on a personal level, and my almost a decade old Twitter account has been completely cleared of Tweets. I will now just be using it for some link sharing and avoiding the squabbling and bile that we all produce on the daily basis.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I have love in my life, so much of it, that it spoils my day to let other people’s misery creep in through a computer screen.

So what I hope to start to do is to collect my own thoughts in writing and create something of substance that won’t get thousands of retweets or shares, but might be read by one or two worthwhile people.

Through death, we have the rebirth.

My first task, as mentioned above is renovating and preparing my older digital art installations (“Salvation” “I Wear White” and “Refuge Island”) for their allotted writing series.

I will also begin to write once more here on – my digital spiritual “home base” and touchstone that always lets me find that starting point in my artistic journey.

Truth, Fiction and Lost Friends

The first series will be titled “Truth, Fiction and Lost Friends” – a collection of true (or not?) stories about people who are no longer in my life.

I guess I spent many years wishing for some of these people to still be in my life, however, after falling on hard times myself a long while ago they chose to no longer have anything to do with me. Fairweather friends and all that.

It was only until a few years ago when I met my beautiful wife, that I realised I had never really had a friend in my life. So now is a great time to tell the stories that I have always wanted to tell, good and bad, without fear of offending, as I no longer care if I do because nobody has ever cared if they offend me.

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