Now despite the grim headline of this article, I am in the happiest mood I have been in for some time. I say this as a disclaimer, because, as some of you may not know, even JOKING about suicide in a place like Australia can actually mean you can be imprisoned on a mental health order and placed on suicide watch.

It really is a unique situation in a place like Australia, that for all intents and purposes, masquerades as a country dedicated to upholding human rights. One of the only times you can be imprisoned without charge or suspicion of a crime in Australia is when your mental health is brought into question.

This is why, through my own experiences, this idea of crazy and normal permeate through some of my writing. It is also why I chose to quit Facebook the way I did. I am now in a unique position to tell my side of the story, as uninteresting or interesting as it may be. 2019 is my year of writing, and so I want to confront myself as much as I do the issues and subjects that consume me as an artist.

So, this brings me to quitting Facebook, yes, crazy isn’t it. I wanted to make it an event of sorts, and so I thought an online conceptual art project fed with complete madness mixed with a messianic complex would be perfect. As crazy as it could get, mainly because I don’t speak with anyone on Facebook, so they’re all fake friends – who, as far as they know, I went completely insane in an online meltdown of epic propotions.

While in reality, was just enjoying time with my new child and my wife and just didn’t have the time or energy to go on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I still operate a few pages for creative and business purposes, but as far as “Facebook Friends” go, if people don’t email me or text me, then their not really friends are they?

Thanks to everyone that understands I am merely a mediocre online artist and writer trying to make their way in the world. And no, I’m not going to kill myself live on Facebook – I already did that – it was just my digital self, my ego, my real self is just fine and lives in the real world. Remember, if social media is getting you down, quit. It’s not social at all.