Generic Love Poems #08 & #10

By KJ Halliday

Generic Love Poem #08

We could go for that drive
Not a long way
If you have a spare day
That winding clockwork road
Ticking by as that smile returns
Making it come true
Solid and tangible
Rearrange all the blue

Don’t worry about the money…

Generic Love Poem #10

I could fall in love with you each day

Just to prove it’s true that I can

Fall in love with you each day

Whenever we would go outside

You know our two hands could collide

To show you how to fall in love

With me each day

When our minds might start to stray

Away from a love we found each day

You might tell me that you love me

All the same

With everything that did go wrong

We showed each other we belong

With the rhyming of a silly song

Everyday, everlasting, growing strong.