Being born and bred and quite often fed with priceless old pictures and fragments of scripture

I quite often wonder when the earth tears asunder if my soul saw sleeping giants

Awakening from the dead crawling from the pages or right off of stages


Just like we all did from that soul bank in the sky never questioning why we must come here

To this holy cursed place predisposed to pointing out pointlessness in what we love best

To be loved To be loved beloved.

Beloved’s leaning head lets her hair drop from her shoulder to burden the air with weightlessness

The beloved is the daughter of Zion urging on the coming tides of souls that await

Just as we did! Just as we saw! Sitting and waiting for wars that never touched us

Never smelt us, never gripped us in its claws of steel

A gliding step showed the true soul shining

Sunshine and showers are all in your power possessed with the purpose of painting rainbows in the eyes of the Children of God.

When they come Daughter of Zion, Mother of Zion will their occupations be as Lords?

Or will they be one of us to struggle without rescue through the oceans of God’s wrath?

Either way it will be futile to flow forward