What Happened to Jack?

Jack’s In A Whole Heap of Shit.

Money, money, money must be funny
Controlling the thought of the massive
Media with monopolies but without merit.
Big Brother is not watching us,
Jack is watching Big Brother on his new
Flat screen Plasma TV.
Money presses the buttons that
Light up the house that feed the kids in the house
That Jack built.
Money for the back, the front, the up, the down.
The Ying and the Yang and the cans of SPAM
Feeding the soldiers
That protect the house that Jack built.
Money and market running round and round.
This country, that country, and all around Jack’s town.
Money in Jack’s bank and violence in the street
Two little pollies happen to meet
“I’ll yell ‘free trade’ you yell ‘terror!’”
One yelled “free trade!”
The other yelled “terror!”
Shred all those lies
Smile at the camera
They asked about the torture
They asked about the camps
Camping is nice, torture regretful
Ruffle Ramadan Retractable.
What? What? What?
Nothing, nothing and nothing.
The money that turned on the lights
Fed the car,
Payed the loans,
Placed the bets
Bought the beer
And purchased D.I.Y renovation ideas
Was lost because market forces were to blame
Market forces were to blame,
Market forces were to blame,
And the two pollies said:
“We are not responsible, someone else is”
“Someone else is,”
“Someone else is,”
Then Jack was drafted.

Jack Goes to Market

Jack had been on but a penny a day
Because he could not work any faster.
You see he had a disability
An inability to work fast with mortar or plaster.
So then in his pocket he held his small locket.
Sensibly sensing the market conditions
He decided to invest with high interest
Returned to him with high yield thingamajigs.