Habits are important for all of us, and since I have kicked most of my bad ones, I thought I would start a good one by writing more regularly. Today I am just touching on the new writing series which will be quite different to my poetry that you’ve all been reading for a number of years.

Instead, I will be delving into some short stories, all interconnected. I won’t say which ones are true, or which parts of true, as the people they are written about know the answer to that anyway. They are instead for your enjoyment.

Imagine that at some point in your life every single friend that you thought you had just slowly evaporated until you were left alone. Would this bring you to the realisation (as it did for me) that I had never really known true friendship?

In this series (and in just one of three online novels I will be commencing this year and next) I will be sharing some stories and aspects of my life that are quite personal. These were some circumstances that I couldn’t even write about for years after they happened, and the indignity and violation of my spirit brought me to a better place than I could have imagined.

This is why so much of my writing and art is about personal perception. YOU cannot see what I see. I cannot see what you see. We are all blessed with our own perception, and it is about time that I shared mine.

This series is about regaining the voice that was taken from me against my will so many years ago. Now I know I CAN speak up, and I CAN write what I want to write without fear and without interference. It is also about letting go of secrets and letting go of my past self. The self that family and people who are no longer friends still see me as, even though that version of me doesn’t exist anymore.

My online ‘persona’ and so much of what I post online is me just playing the part, the crazy one, the broken one, the foolish one, the poor one. So, I hope you will take the time to read my new series once it is up. See the link on the front page or on the top menu.

Truth, Fiction and Lost Friends