I was recently asked why I didn’t attend my high school reunion held, apparently, late last year. To put it simply, I didn’t attend because I wasn’t invited and was unaware – but also – who goes to a high school reunion by their own free will apart from sociopaths?

I used to catch a school bus, it was just like this, except more rednecks.

The only way I could see a high school reunion being a worthwhile use of someone’s time (and an entertaining event) is if I was Carrie (horror movie Carrie, not Sex and the City Carrie) and some telekinetic powers would be unleashed to devastating consequences.

Haven’t seen you in ages!

The idea of spending an entire evening, day, or a passing conversation with people I have not been in touch with almost a few decades sounds riveting! I’m sure your high school experience is just as cringe-worthy, but keep in mind I am from a VERY small town.

That’s without mentioning that apart from Facebook friend requests (and I no longer use Facebook on my personal account – probably why I was out of the loop for the reunion of the century) I have not heard from really anyone from school for a very long time – apart from people that, after time, I never really wanted to be in contact with anyway.

Don’t touch me

BUT, that is a story for the new writing series which I am working on now. Spoiler alert, if that person went to the high school reunion, it meant there was at least one very shady character present. So much so, that if I ever had to write a character based on the devil, I would use them as a foundation.

I am getting off track. Reunions are for people who actually enjoyed high school. They are not for normal people. Anyway, the only thing people from my high school year would know about me are rumours about my mental health and various other gossip. So I guess I dodged a bullet there, the last thing I need is strangers I used to go to school with asking RUOK Day? (And yes, I’m always fine).

How people see you are often determined by the rumours they hear about you. The best way to see how someone’s life is going is to ask them.

I hope that you can similarly avoid your high school, and other arbitrary forced socialisation reunion. I hope you enjoy the article, and for the friendly strangers from my time at Glen Innes High School, no hard feelings, I’m sure I wasn’t missed.

I just feel blessed to be doing everything I set out to so many years ago, despite the path there being much narrower than I anticipated.