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The brand new kjwriteleft.com

kjwriteleft.com has been through many incarnations in its years and years of service as my personal website. In its current form it simply became what amounted to a personal blog. Unfortunately, this was never its true purpose, and with that in mind I have had the...

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Politics is a Swamp – Theology is a Mountain

When it comes to politics it is easy for me to get caught up in the hoopla, the rhetoric and most of all, the hyperbole. However, when I peel beneath the layers of what makes up all politics I can only find more onion and little of substance. That isn't to say that...

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“Game On” – Concept Art Music Video

A sample video made for fun for Young REZ - (Song Produced by Havoc and all Copyright for the song remains with the artist of course - except video art) in Savannah, United States. Loved the track. Check them out on sound cloud here and show them some support:...

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