Alpha Omega

Turn around the place you see

Through your hurried eyes

Step back a little, blink just once, to fully realise

The spot you stand will mark the end

A new beginning around that bend

Of light refracted flowing through

Our atmosphere made just for you

Smile when it all seems wrong

When listening to cheerful songs

Look serious and nod to them

Who will soon see you as their friend

Milestones have worn away

To show you just another way

To ignore the signs and stumble on

Another path to tread upon

Déjà vu and presque vu in an opalescent blue

That comes from all the stars above

The life that seems to push and shove

Us anywhere we want to go

Just for now, though, please go slow

Not all options are correct

And life is not a living bet

With god or devil do not decide

To live your life then simply die

Instead live on and circle round

And end up where you once were found

Along the river water flows

As your new life slowly sows