Dark of Day

No-one ever cheered me up and so I never smiled

Friends got sick of sadness which is why they never called

The loneliness was not abrupt but a welcome blanket

Silent solitude and the blessing of the celestial

Formed a coating over the soul I never had

All because I prayed without paying my tithes

Incorrect sequences produced curses and isolation

Created by men and women to teach me lessons

I refused to learn

Turning a cheek

Then a shoulder

Finally walking away

Through the dark of day

Leaving them to their cliques

Small brooding groups set in judgement

Scream out at the enveloping darkness

Scaring away the light

As I passed from them

To others I had known

Kindly they removed my blanket

Which had been the shroud for my corpse

Walking among the masses of dead in the city

Pretty plastic people never alive

Alone in crowded places

Blank faces mark the beginning

Of the obsession of the individual

As they march by thinking about


Not looking at others as they think for


Eating their fill as they think by


Passing away in the dark of day

To pray that through this narrow passage

A spring of life may be found

From which the inward looking mannequins

May drink to bring light

I will never know